Report for Duty


We have amazing volunteers that tend to the needs of our Pit Bulls but we could always use a little more assistance!

Volunteer Your Time

If you have some extra time, our Pit Bulls would love to spend it  with you.


We ask our volunteers to come in and walk our rescue dogs to keep our dogs social and exercised.


Located at Dogstyle Inc. in Vernon Hills, IL

Become a Volunteer

Foster Parents

We are in desperate need of foster parents!


The kennel where our dogs are housed can be loud and stressful, we would much rather them be in a comfortable home so they can be in a better state of mind.

Become a Foster Parent


We understand not everyone can take in a  rescue dog but we ask you to please consider sponsoring one. Sponsors help pay for medical attention, medication, surgeries, and daily needs. It's easy to do!

Sponsor a Dog

donate to make a


Our Wishlist


Dog Supplies

• Premium brand dry and canned dog and puppy food

• Dog treats

• Toys and Chews: Kongs, Nylabones, and flat rawhide chips

• Dog collars and leashes

• Prong collars

• Food bowls (new & used)

• Wire dog crates of all sizes (new & used)

• Dog shampoo

• Dog beds


Kennel Supplies

• Bleach

• Dish soap

• Anti-bacterial hand soap

• Anti-bacterial cleaner and spray

• Garbage bags (heavy duty 30 gallon)

• Paper towels

• Laundry detergent

• Dustpans

• Large buckets (empty 25 lb kitty litter buckets)

• Scrub sponges

• Fleece throws, blankets, comforters, sheets, towels, washcloths, and throw rugs (new & used)


Items can be dropped off at

Dogstyle, Inc. in Vernon Hills, IL.



We are always on the lookout for fundraising connections with small businesses and individuals. Our rescue relies entirely on donations and the kindness of friends. Would you like to help raise more funds for Bombshell Bullies?


We are in need of:

Venues: Spaces to host fundraisers like, restaurants, bars, boutiques, parks, etc.

Raffle Prizes:  Services, Products, Packages


Connect with Us

P.O. Box 5122 | Vernon Hills, IL  60061